Cetara vista dall'alto *

Carelli Gonsalvo (Napoli 1818 / Napoli 1900)

Technique: Oil on canvas
Measures: 76cm x 53cm

Signed lower right.


Gonsalvo Carelli

Carelli Gonsalvo

Carelli Gonsalvo (Napoli 1818 / Napoli 1900)


Son of  Raffaele Carelli, he moved to Rome in 1837 with his brother Gabriele Carelli and produced several landscapes of the Roman countryside, which he exposed then at two exhibitions in 1840 and 1841.
Politically committed to the revolutionary front, towards the end of 1841 he escaped to Paris where he stays until 1844, exhibiting twice the Salons, in 1842 and 1843.
Then he returned to Naples in 1844 and partecipated at the 1845 exhibition and that same year, commissioned by the Czar of Russia, performed two paintings Naples form Camaldoli and the Royal Gardens of Portici currently kept at the Hermitage in Leningrad.
Returning to Naples, after the expulsion of the Bourbons he taught at the Institute of Fine Arts.
In 1862 and 1864 stays at the Prima Promotrice, and in 1869 became master of painting of Queen Margherita of Savoy, in 1874 he became a member Academy of St. Luca and in 1877 he published the Catalogue of the Pinacoteca di Capodimonte.
In 1881 and again in 1883 he exposed at the Promotrice and his later works, in 1889, and illustrations of the text of Vincenzo Bindi Momenti storici ed artistici degli Abruzzi can be found as well as an album with 264 pictures depicting the Taverne of Naples, then published by Salvatore di Giacomo.

Gabriele Carelli (bio)
Gonsalvo Carelli (bio)


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