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Gabriele Carelli

Carelli Gabriele

Napoli 1820 / Londra 1900


Son of Raffaele Carelli, he moved to Rome in 1837 with his brother Gonsalvo Carelli and devoted himself mainly to painting architecture and antiquities.
In the '40 he returned to Naples, took part in various editions of the Mostra Borbonica, and thanks to the success of critics was commissioned to represent the surroundings of Naples and Salerno as well as a series of drawings depicting the Sepolcri di Napoli.
The Duke of Devonshire takes him on a trip to England in 1847, when he decided to return to London in 1860, the success was not long in coming, he is present with his watercolours in various exhibitions as Queen Victoria also noted his works.
In 1875 he joined the Royal Academy in Boston and later received a gold medal. His works are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, and in the Institute of British Architects in London.

Gonsalvo Carelli (bio)
Raffaele Carelli (bio)


A.M. Comanducci - Dizionario illustrato pittori e incisori italiani moderni - II ediz. Milano 1945
A.M. Comanducci - Dizionario illustrato pittori e incisori italiani moderni e contemporanei - III ediz. Milano 1962
Thieme Becker  - Kunstlerlex - 1911


Promotrice Napoli 1862 / 1863


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