Works of

Felice Giordano

Giordano Felice

Napoli 1880 / Capri - Napoli 1964


He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples, but his real master was Antonino Leto, from whom he inherits the love for Capri, the island where he spent all his life.
The influence of Leto is initially visible in his painting but then, over the years, he becomes more persona.
Even the influence of Attilio Pratella and Vincenzo Irolli is always present in his paintings.
Valid landscapes painter, the island of Capri is the main source of inspiration, but also his still-life paintings of fish, mussels and octopus as well as urban landscapes depicting the heart of Naples are represented in his paintings.
Among his works, mentioned in several public collections are Spring in Capri, in the Council of National Economy of Bologna Piazzetta of Capri fountain at the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, and traffic in the Town Hall of Naples.


A.M. Comanducci - Dizionario illustrato pittori e incisori italiani moderni - II ediz. Milano 1945
A.M. Comanducci - Dizionario illustrato pittori e incisori italiani moderni e contemporanei - III ediz. Milano 1962


Promotrice Napoli 1904 / 1913 / 1914 / 1916-17 / 1920-21  / 1922
Promotrice Firenze 1910

Società Amatori e Cultori Roma 1914 - 1915

Mostra Arte giovanile Napoli 1913

Biennale Napoli 1921


Notturno - Poesia notturna  ante1914, Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea e Moderna Roma.


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