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Bernardo Hay

Hay Bernardo

Firenze 1864 / Capri - Napoli 1931


Born out of a relationship between the English painter, Jane Benham Hay and Saverio Altamura, he receives from both his first lessons, to then continue his studies, always under the guidance of Altamura, in Naples.
He participated at the Salvator Rosa exhibition in Naples in 1880 and became a gifted painter of landscapes very soon, preferring the technique of oil painting, mainly painting seascapes.
He began to travel, lived in Florence for a while, then in Belgium.
The paintings Canal in Ghent and the City of Bruges, sent to the exhibition of Fine Arts in Rome in 1883, are the product of his studies that period, fundamental for the maturation of his art, which increases in colour and vigour and is more effective in the aerial perspective.
He does not stop travelling, spent some time in Venice and in 1891 he moves permanently to Capri, fitting into that group of artists who painted the island for Italian and foreign collectors.
He has participated, in the Promotrice of Naples, and numerous other national and international exhibitions, from 1875 to 1890.


A.M. Comanducci - Pittori italiani dell'Ottocento - Milano 1934
A.M. Comanducci - Dizionario illustrato pittori e incisori italiani moderni - II ediz. Milano 1945
A.M. Comanducci - Dizionario illustrato pittori e incisori italiani moderni e contemporanei - III ediz. Milano 1962

M. Della Rocca - L'arte moderna in Italia - Napoli 1883

Thieme Becker  - Kunstlerlex - 1923

E. Giannelli - Artisti napoletani viventi - 1916

A. De Gubernatis - Dizionario artisti italiani viventi


Promotrice Napoli 1875 / 1879 / 1880 / 1881 / 1882 / 1883 / 1884 / 1885 / 1886 / 1887 / 1888 / 1890 / 1891 / 1896
Promotrice Torino 1881 / 1882 / 1883 / 1884 / 1885
Promotrice Genova 1880 / 1881 / 1882 / 1883 / 1887
Promotrice Firenze 1884

Permanente Milano 1890

Esposizione nazionale Venezia 1887
Esposizione nazionale Roma 1883


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