Gargiulo Enrico (Sorrento - Napoli 1881 / 1948)

Technique: Oil on canvas
Measures: 53.5cm x 65cm

Signed lower right.

Enrico Gargiulo

Gargiulo Enrico

Gargiulo Enrico (Sorrento - Napoli 1881 / 1948)


Self-taught, a friend of watercolourist Augusto Moriani he has contacts with the school of Guglielmo Ciardi in Venice.
He moved to Capri, becoming in effect a "Caprese painter" because through the island and its sea he is able to express his best ability, making a living painting light and color as well as instinctive and broad brush.
He produced a series of drawings for Edwin Cerio showing monographs of the island: the home, the garden and the vineyards of the landscape of Capri.
He exhibited at the Promoter of Naples in 1911 Sunrise at Capri, takes part in other promoters and in 1933 the Giosi Gallery in Naples dedicates a solo, and in the same year the cover of the magazine "The streets of Italy" is dedicated to the garden Floridiana represented by one of his paintings.


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