Giovanni Conservo

Conservo Giovanni

Vittoria - Ragusa 1935 / Milano 2010

Sculptor, Engraver

Conservo was a child as he started to show a great interest for the work of his father,woodcarver craftsman-gender folk mythology, and very soon he carved his first "wood".
A couple of years later, in front of a sculpture of an Ecce Homo by over a meter and another of a Pio XII, the father becomes convinced that the young Giovanni has, in addition to the manual dexterity, the vein of the artist.
In 1948, just fourteen, he won the first prize for sculpture, in a competition organized in Rome for the 80th anniversary of the Catholic Action, and he was received in audience by the Pope Pius XII.
Thanks to the intervention of the the Secretary of the Pope, Monsignor Montini, he got a scholarship to attend the Art Institute, initially in Rome, pupil of Aurelio Mistruzzi, then in Florence, where he graduated with honors.
In 1954 at the meetings of the youth in Rome he won the Palazzo Barberini second prize.
In 1957 he left Florence to go to the Paris Art Academy, but soon he was back to Italy for the military service, and a range of circumstances, combined with the insistence of his friends, induced him to remain in Italy, becoming a student of Marino Marini in Milan.
From 1968 to 1975 taught at the Art Academy of Brera and the year later he became Professor of Plastic ornamental the Academy.
It was a sculptor of great insight, with exceptional expressivity and an extraordinary vitality, and he has never tried the way to please the market. He worked marble, bronze, plaster and wood, his favorite element, and its activity is dedicated to graphics, naturally preferring the woodcut.

Marino Marini (bio)
Aurelio Mistruzzi (bio)


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