Raffaele Castello

Castello Raffaele

Capri - Napoli 1905 / Napoli 1969


Self-taught artist, he attended the circle of the German painter Otto Sohn Rethel in Anacapri, becoming aware of what was happening in the European avant-garde.
As a painter he left his very active life in Capri in 1929 and travelled extensively throughout Europe, until 1935 when he returned to Capri.
His works were exposed at the XXVI and XXVIII Venice Biennale.

Otto Sohn Rethel (bio)


A.M. Comanducci - Dizionario illustrato pittori e incisori italiani moderni e contemporanei - III ediz. Milano 1962
H. Vollmer - Kunstlerlex. - 1953


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