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Christian Virgilius Blache

Blache Christian Virgilius

Aarhus 1838 / Copenaghen 1920


Pupil of the Danish painter Carl Frederik Sørensen, he started to exhibit in 1863. The following year one of his paintings is bought by the Real Museum of Copenhagen, and the same year, 1864, he joined the Army and started to paint war scenarios although he never stopped his production of very pleasant seascapes characterized by a fresh and quick style that would guarantee popularity.
In 1872 he won a 2- year scholarship to be spent abroad and started to travel to Europe, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy, where he is well known mainly or his southern and Capri’s seascapes.
Blache was member and professor of the Art Academy in 1890 and his paintings can be found in Copenhagen and Nottingham museums.

Carl Frederik Sørensen (bio)


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