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augura a tutti voi un sereno Natale ed un felice Anno Nuovo



Rudolf Claudus  "L'orizzonte al sestante" 1962


From all at Recta Gallery,

we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year




To be born a painter is undoubtedly a rare privilege; but to be born an art lover and painting enthusiast is a bigger stroke of luck and – after all – not so rare. Indeed, a painter, as we know, has to deal with lights and colour tubes; with the plane surface of the canvas and the third (if not fourth) dimension; with reality as well as ideas; with both tradition and innovation. The “art lover”, on the other, hand has only to put himself in front of the painting and contemplate it – with admiration” Diego Valeri “Magia della pittura” catalogo VIII premio Michetti 1954