Recta Galleria d'arte

comunica ad amici, clienti e colleghi che


saremo presenti all'edizione del Mercanteinfiera primavera 2023


Vi aspettiamo sempre più numerosi sul nostro sito

Molte delle novità sono periodicamente esposte in galleria,

dove vi aspettiamo per mostrarvele.


Recta Galleria d'Arte

informs friends, customers and colleagues that we will


be present at the Mercanteinfiera spring 2023.

 In the meantime, we invite you to explore our website

and visit us at our gallery, where we'd be delighted to

showcase our newest artworks.




To be born a painter is undoubtedly a rare privilege; but to be born an art lover and painting enthusiast is a bigger stroke of luck and – after all – not so rare. Indeed, a painter, as we know, has to deal with lights and colour tubes; with the plane surface of the canvas and the third (if not fourth) dimension; with reality as well as ideas; with both tradition and innovation. The “art lover”, on the other, hand has only to put himself in front of the painting and contemplate it – with admiration” Diego Valeri “Magia della pittura” catalogo VIII premio Michetti 1954