Emile Francois David

David Emile Francois

Losanna 1824 / Roma 1891


Pupil of Barthélemy Menn at the Geneva Fine Art School from 1842 to 1844, he is than in Paris, pupil of con Charles Gleyre, between 1845 and 1848.
In 1848 he is in Italy, visited Capri, and started to paint southern landscapes, fascinated by landscape of southern Italy, returning frequently.
Landscape painter of great ability, he devoted often himself to marine and coastal views of Capri, Naples, outskirts of Rome, Ariccia and the coast of Lazio.
He lives in Lausanne and Rome but does not participate in public exhibitions, apart from an exhibition organized in Paris in 1878, thus his work remain unknown until the posthumous exhibition in July 1892, held in Lausanne.
In 1903 his wife donates much of his work at the Canton Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne.


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